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The following is what this privacy notice will make you aware of: What personally identifiable information about you is gathered through this website; how it will be put to use and who will see it.

We utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption between your browser and our servers to safeguard the security of your account and personal data.
Cookies are used by to track user behavior on the website. Cookies help us identify ways to enhance how users interact with our website.
Periodically, we email you with information about the newest website features.
Accepting cookies on our website never gives us access to your personal data. Cookies don't provide us with anything about your behavior on our website. We are not given any information that might be regarded as personal or identifying.
Regarding safeguarding and upholding the privacy of our users, we have a very rigorous policy with the following fundamentals:
- Without your consent, we will never sell or distribute your personal information.
- Our website is free of malware and viruses.
- We don't track your online behavior or behave as your spies.
- We will never send you unsolicited emails from companies promoting - related products or services.

Your browser memorizes our website once you've been there, making it easier for you to use it again in the future. Only the information you recently freely provided to us by email or other form of communication from you is accessible to us.
Cookies give us the ability to figure out what you're doing on our website. We'll know which of our pages you're visiting, how long you spent there, which links you clicked, etc.

We will never divulge your information to anyone outside our company.
Please contact us at retrigger77 (at) gmail dot com at any time if you decide you no longer want us to manage your account for any reason such as if there has been a technical problem with our system or if another website such as Google, has changed its policies regarding what third-party websites can do with user accounts so that we can delete all information.

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